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Frequently Asked Questions:


We receive many great questions from our current and prospective deWiz users! In our mailbag segments, we'll touch on some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

my dewiz transition is positive, but my trackman numbers say my club path is in-to-out?

This is one of the most common questions we get from our deWiz users. Golfers that work with deWiz in conjunction with Trackman or other launch monitors may be confused as to how their deWiz Transition can be positive, but their club path is in-to-out.

The most important thing to remember is hand path does not equal club path. While the two are certainly related, there are countless examples of players that will have a positive deWiz Transition and still produce an in-to-out club path.  

The most common cause for this is the player's ability to shallow the club through transition. So, if you have a positive Transition (and positive IDDx) - you will want to make sure your Steepening/Shallowing measurement is NEGATIVE!

What is the best way to set my "gears" in DistWedges Mode?

deWiz DistWedges is one of the most valuable parts of the deWiz platform, but many wonder how they go about about setting their "gears".

Grab any wedge and take five full swings in Discovery Mode. Take the average Length of Backswing of those five swings, and enter that as Gear 1 in Practice Your DistWedges Practice Goals. From there, simply subtract 5 inches/13 centimeters and enter that as Gear 2 and then repeat that procedure for Gear 3. With these three backswing lengths and all of your different wedges, you will be able to comfortably gap yourself the proper yardages for any wedge shot you may face on the course!

is there a way for me to download all of my data to review closer?

Yes! Our new and improved data download page is a perfect way for users to better track and observe their swing history.  

To download your swing history, go to and login with your deWiz profile information. Select the period of time you want to download the data from, and you'll be provided a sorted Excel file containing all of your swing data over that time!