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iddx vs. steepening shallowing

In looking at the data, we've found a DIRECT correlation amongst top players between the IDDx and Steepening/Shallowing data points!


When looking at the deWiz Steepening/Shallowing data point, we have found a very direct correlation among better players between Steepening/Shallowing and the deWiz IDDx measurement.

While the golf world is always talking about "shallowing" and it's certainly important, we have found that even some elite players will have a slight steepening move through Transition.

The data shows something very clear: If your IDDx is POSITIVE, your Steepening/Shallowing should be NEGATIVE. And conversely, if your IDDx is NEGATIVE, you'll likely find success with a POSITIVE Steepening/Shallowing!