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see the "million dollar drill" in action

We've shown you the drill before, but let's see it now in action with Episode 3 of our series with Golficity!

Can Mike Fix his Over-the-top move?

We showed you Louis Kelly's "Million Dollar Drill" in a previous Learning Center post, but now let's see it in action.

In the latest video of our series with the guys at Golficity, Mike, who - like many golfers - has fought the over-the-top Transition his whole life, works with Louis to try and get his swing more on-plane.

Mike had been consistently in the +4 to +5 inch range with his Transitio before being introduced to the "Million Dollar Drill". It's important to remember that like any swing change, results take TIME. It won't be immediate, but the important part is that you work your numbers in the right direction. Let's see if it works for Mike!

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