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Not hitting the ball as far as you’d like? This could be a result of poor width on the  backswing. If you notice your Max Backswing Width is less than 20 inches, you may not  be getting the most out of your golf swing. Try this simple drill and see how it affects that  deWiz number.  

How to gain width in your backswing

In order to hit the ball any distance at all, you need width in your backswing. Width  creates a wider arc and more power to be released in the downswing.

The Adjustment
Halfway back in your swing, the left arm (again this is for a right handed golfer - the  opposite would apply to a lefty) should be straight. A bent left arm in the backswing  promotes less width and a narrow space. It is extremely difficult to create sufficient power  from this point. 

If you swing the club gently from in front of the ball to the halfway back position, you  should be able to clearly see what level your width is at. Your left arm should be  completely covering your chest.

See how

Do's and Dont's + Key Takeaways

Be careful not to sway, or cast the golf club. This can be seen via the instructional video.  There’s a difference between width and moving off of the ball. The butt of the club should  be pointing vertically towards the ground in the halfway back position. If not, there’s a  good chance you’re either swaying or casting, possibly even both.

Key Takeaways

  1. Strong, firm left arm 
  2. Left arm should be completely covering the chest 
  3. DO NOT move off the ball, stay in your posture and DON’T reach away from the  starting position 
  4. Club should be vertical to the ground in the halfway back position
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