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Lessons from the Pros:

How Transition Affects Swing path

Diving into the relationship between hand path and swing path with Olympia Fields Director of Instruction, EA Tischler

How a positive transition can still produce an in-to-out club path

EA Tischler is recognized as a Top-50 Instructor in the United States and one of the most respected coaches when it comes to the world of biomechanics.

We get asked a lot, particularly from better players, how a player can have a positive (over-the-top) deWiz Transition and yet still produce an in-to-out club path.

EA shows us in this video how and why many elite players will tend to have a slightly positive Transition measurement, but the critical concept is finding that range that works best for YOU.

Conclusion: If your swing is producing a relatively neutral ball flight, treat that Transition value as your "zero". Increasing the Transition from there will generally lead to a more out-to-in path, and vice-versa for decreasing the Transition.