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Practice and Learn:

Practice Your DISTWEDGES

One of the easiest ways to start carding lower scores, is by improving your wedge play. With deWiz DistWedges, you can begin to dial in your distance control like never before!


It's important to note from the start that the deWiz DistWedges Mode is NOT the same as the DistWedges Challenge. DistWedges Mode can be found in Practice & Learn, and allows users to manually input various backswing lengths that they wish to practice.

Within DistWedges, you have various options for wedge practice - and in each mode, the Learning Stimuli can be activated to expedite the process of mastering these swing lengths.

1. Manual Mode allows you to consistently practice one length of backswing over and over. Just select the gear you wish to practice, click "Manual" under Settings and enter the practice mode to work on the chosen backswing length.

2. Shuffle Mode will randomly shuffle between the preset gears. You can enter as many different gears as you like, but it's suggested to start with three!

3. Random Mode asks the user to specify a specific range of backswing lengths, and then will randomly assign target lengths that fall within that range.


For a long time, the "clock system" has been used by players and coaches as reference points for wedge swings. The only problem is the lack of confirmation of whether you are actually hitting your intended point on the clock face or not!

Think of your DistWedges gears as a more precise version of the clock system. Here are a few helpful tips for establishing your gears:

1. Grab a wedge and take five full swings. The average Length of Backswing for those five swings will be your first "gear".

2. Then simply subtract around 5 inches/15 cm from the gear found in Step 1 - this will be your second gear.

3. Repeat the same process (subtract 5 inches/15 cm) from the gear found in Step 2 for your third gear.

By simply mastering these three swings with each of your wedges, you'll have gapped yourself all kinds of different distances for a shot you face on the course!

Set up your distwedge chart

The final step in really taking the leap in approving your approach play is to begin matching the swing length and club, with the carry distance.

Many of our players and coaches have began putting charts like this together to bring onto the course. With the help of a launch monitor, you begin to see how each different backswing with your various wedges will impact the distance the ball travels!

If you're looking for your own personalized chart that can fit inside of a standard yardage, please feel free to email Matt Lawrence ( for the template.