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Every swing that you make with deWiz will be saved to your profile. You can access your previous swing history by selecting the Progress tab (graph icon) at the bottom of the app. 

analyzing your swing data has never been easier

Within the Progress page, you’ll find various ways of reviewing your past swing history.

1. Your Sessions will separate all of your past deWiz sessions by date and club selection. Select any session to review those swings. 

2. You can select Show Only Favorites to filter only the swings that you had Favorite marked while practicing. This will help you identify commonalities and trends between good swings and poor swings.

3. Select Your Progress at the top of the page to filter your swing data by both club selection and time period, in order to see how you have progressed over time with various clubs.

deWiz Tip: Select your club while practicing in order to best review your progression!

For those looking to examine their swing data even closer, you can download your deWiz swing history at Simply login with your deWiz profile and select the time period of the swing sessions you wish to download via a .csv or Excel file.