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Lessons from the Pros:

the easiest way to add distance and speed

Former Southern California PGA Teacher of the Year, Zach Allen, shares his surefire way to hit the ball longer and how to use deWiz to do so.

"99% of golfers swing the club too slowly."

When it comes to tempo in the golf swing, "low and slow" has long been a phrase used to describe proper technique for the takeaway.

As Zach Allen shows in this video, the problem with this philosophy is that the overwhelming majority of everyday golfers take this to an extreme and do not produce enough speed in the backswing.

One of the easiest speed exercises in order to add distance is to simply try and speed up your backswing. Find your baseline backswing duration using deWiz, and work on shrinking that time lower and lower.

Conclusion: As is the case with any sort of speed training, do not be discouraged if the initial results are not always positive. These gains can take time and practice to come to fruition, and this faster swing may only be used a handful of times over the course of a round. But, the more you work on it, the more sustained these gains will be over the long run!