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Golficity Episode 4:

Short Game Secret: All GREAT Wedge Players Do THIS!

Episode 4 in our series together with Golficity is now live. Louis Kelly is back with the number 1 short game secret. See the drill and start lowering your scores FAST.

Can Frank dial in his partial wedges?

We showed you in episode 3 how Mike conquered his over-the-top move with the "Million Dollar Drill" in a previous Learning Center post. In today's episode Louis Kelly is back with Frank to help him dial in his partial wedges.

We all know that in order to improve and lower our scores we need a consistent wedge game. However, consistently connecting the feel of a 3/4 swing or a 10 o'clock swing is a difficult task.

Enter Louis Kelly and deWiz. Watch the video to see how fast and efficient Frank is able to connect his very subjective feel of a 3/4 swing to the actual length of backswing and repeat that partial swing, shot after shot.

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With deWiz, you can accurately measure your backswing length - minimizing reliance on feel for what is your half, ¾, 90% or clock-system backswing length and instead, having precise measurements to practice towards.

By accurately measuring your different partial swings’ length of backswings, which we refer to as Gears, you can benchmark and work towards consistently dialling in these swings. Your length of backswing is directly related to carry distance, so a certain Gear consistently delivers a precise carry distance.

Knowing your numbers is another deWiz competitive edge, because feel is not real when it comes to the golf swing.

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