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App Version 1.13.1

What's new with the latest app update?

Everything you need to know regarding the May 8, 2023 app update! Improved accuracy, expanded session review, more efficient on-course use and more!

Swing Rejection notifications

At some point most deWiz users have experienced this: you take a swing, look over at the phone and that swing wasn't recorded by the deWiz. We understand and recognize - particularly for new deWiz users - this can be a frustrating first impression!

With the latest app update, your deWiz will now alert you via a popup and audio indicator, that a swing motion was detected, but was rejected. If you are consistently receiving this alert, please email Matt Lawrence (, for further assistance.

This swing rejection alert can be toggled ON/OFF within the "Settings" Menu.

"Your Progress" Report now includes all data points

Users now have even more control in reviewing their previous swing history.

Under the "Your Progress" tab, you can now track your progression with each club, over a certain time period, for each deWiz data point!

Learn Your Numbers. Know Your Swing!


The deWiz unit is so accurate, that it can compensate for elevation and other geographical factors related to gravitation!

By granting location access to the deWiz application, the unit will able to determine your precise location on every swing, and calculate a local gravity constant in order to more precisely measure the individual data points.

Auto-off for inactivity lifted to 30 minutes

We had heard from many users that one of the issues they were experiencing when trying to take their deWiz with them during a round was that the unit would power OFF on its own without the user's knowledge.

Because of this, the auto-off timer has been extended to 30 minutes from 10 minutes of inactivity. This will ensure that even if faced with a delay between shots or a long backup, your deWiz will not turn off without your knowledge!


When working in DistWedges Mode, or if you have selected a wedge in Discovery Mode, the model avatar will now adjust to reflect a more realistic motion.

This new avatar will be retroactively added to all past sessions that were done in DistWedges Mode or with a wedge marked as the club selection!