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deWiz is looking for an exceptional CTO with a passion to shock the world of golf

We are so proud to have launched a great product this past summer after 5 years of development and testing. The feedback we have gotten from users, experts and industry leaders tells us that we have created something revolutionary. Now we are taking the next step towards our mission to help the world improve their game and we are looking for exceptional people to join us on this journey.


We are looking for our CTO to lead the technical development of deWiz to the next stages

You will report directly to the CEO and are key in developing our product together with our Chief Product Officer and other team members. You will get the possibility to create your own dreamteam as you will lead the proceess of building our new inhouse technical team with developers, embedded engineer and other other talent that is needed for us to reach our high reaching mission.


Who are you?

We are not going to write all the necessary qualifications we think is needed, as we believe that our future CTO knows better than we do what skills and experiences are good to have - and will wow us in an interview. As you will lead your own dreamteam, we believe you have an interest in leadership and we will offer development opportunities if this is something you are interested in.

We care more about your personal characteristics than your CV or where you went to school. What’s important for us is that you are exceptionally talented and can show this by either the work you are doing or amaze us in another way.

Together with your talent we also want tenatious professionals who don’t like to quit. In Sweden we have a saying that you have “a thick forehead” – which is similar to “grit” (and obviously sounds a lot cooler saying it in Swedish).

You care about the quality of the work you do, you care about the results you create, and mostly of all you care about creating something that will help people. We do not expect you to work until midnight, we respect that we all have lives outside of work. But we expect our team members to take pride in their work and what the company is trying to achieve. If you are somebody who naturally takes responsibility and is ready to step up, please contact us.


How to apply?

If this feels like a place for you, please send us a brief cover letter and an even briefer CV to and we’ll take it from there.


Our offer

We offer the possibility to work with a great mission and a great product. We are not going to try to wave a big bag of money in front of you to try to lure you over to us because:

1. we want you to want to work here,

2. if that is what motivates you then all it will take is for someone to come with a bigger bag of money to lure you away from us.

Again, we are looking for exceptionally talented people who want to work with other exceptionally talented people in creating something great and that relationship goes both ways. If you are passionate about us, we will be passionate about you. Therefore, you will be offered a fair salary and an incentive package with stock options. Since you will be a part making this company better, it’s only fair that you truly get to be a part of deWiz's success.

Take a look at our product (the app is free to download and works without a deWiz device on your wrist– you can just swing your phone and get the fully functioning demo experience) and start thinking of how you can contribute to making the experience of our customers better.


We look forward to hearing from you!