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deWiz Global Ambassadors Headlined by Annika, Bryson, Henrik, Lydia, and Vijay

June 22, 2021 – Improving your golf swing takes time. The science behind deWizTM, a new wearable technology, allows golfers to simply “swing, feel and improve faster” by minimizing the guesswork. Described by Forbes as looking to bring a “jolt to the golf training aid market,” deWiz’s innovative technology merges high-precision swing analysis with its revolutionary Learning Stimuli, which provides real-time haptic feedback with a buzz on the golfer’s wrist and/or an audio alert the moment a golfer’s swing goes astray. The magic of this instantaneous feedback is scientifically based on motor learning, which allows golfers using deWiz to more quickly adjust their golf swing motion and accelerate their learning process.

“deWiz’s data capture capabilities are unmatched via our wearable device, precisely measuring golf swing data like transition plane, length of backswing, hand speed and tempo ratio like never before. But what sets deWiz apart is our Learning Stimuli. Interpreting data on a screen and translating that into a proper swing motion is a time-consuming, trial-and-error process. Meanwhile, deWiz combines high-precision data with real-time feedback within a golfer’s swing to help them improve faster,” said Markus Westerberg, co-founder and CTO of deWiz and certified PGA of Sweden instructor.

DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS, TESTED BY PROS: deWiz’s innovative technology has attracted an impressive roster of global ambassadors. The product has been in development for more than five years and tested by a range of major champions and global tour winners, including 2020 U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau, 10-time Major Champion Annika Sorenstam, 3-time Major Champion Vijay Singh, 2-time Major Champion Lydia Ko, 2016 Open Champion Henrik Stenson, 2019 Houston Open Champion Lanto Griffin and 2-time World Long Drive Champion Tim Burke. Quotes are available from each ambassador at the end of this press release.

SWING, FEEL, IMPROVE: deWiz’s user-friendly app and wearable tech tracks the precise position of a golfer’s hands throughout their swing, providing a 3D analysis. Within the app, current swing training features include TransitionLength of BackswingWedge Distance and Tempo. These unique deWiz data points, delivered through the app’s 3D avatar, provide measurable metrics that any avid golfer, teaching professional or world-class player can better know their numbers to efficiently refine a consistent swing.

“If you have trouble slicing the ball, deWiz allows you to set parameters to minimize coming over the top in your transition. With the Learning Stimuli activated, a golfer immediately feels when their swing breaks these parameters, and they can continue to practice their swing until they have improved their transition. With deWiz, golfers directly feel the Learning Stimuli feedback to modify their swing, which is eventually replaced with the absence of feedback once they are on plane. deWiz’s accelerated learning process currently spans not only poor transition, the leading cause of hooks and sliced shots, but also dialing in distances with precise length of backswings for your wedge game and syncing the overall swing’s tempo ratio through impact,” continued Westerberg.

ONLINE SHOP OPEN TODAY AT DEWIZGOLF.COM: Currently for sale for 699 USD and available across the United States, Europe, and South Korea (more markets opening regularly – visit the website for the latest updates), deWiz is offering an introductory, limited-time discount of 10% off to celebrate this wearable technology’s buzzworthy launch. Please visit for more details on how to improve your swing faster or download the app to explore its features via Apple’s App Store or Google Play.


Bryson DeChambeau: “deWiz may be the most revolutionary golf training aid to ever hit the market.”Annika Sorenstam: “deWiz is even better than I imagined. It makes practice fun.”Vijay Singh: “I love this product. It is a perfect practice tool for me.”Lydia Ko: “deWiz gives me instant feedback in the key areas I am trying to work on.”Henrik Stenson: “With deWiz I can stop guessing. It’s instant feedback in a revolutionary form.”Lanto Griffin: “deWiz helps me match up the tempo and rhythm from the range to the course. With immediate feedback, I can get more efficient work in.”Tim Burke: “deWiz provides me with immediate feedback on the most important components of my swing: hand speed and backswing.”


The deWiz golf training platform has been developed by former European Tour pro, PGA of Sweden certified instructor and motor learning author, Markus Westerberg, and entrepreneur and technology business leader Christian Berg. As a Swedish developed and produced product, deWiz is focused on its mission to help golfers around the world elevate their enjoyment of the game through innovative technology that accelerates the pace of learning. deWiz’s revolutionary wearable technology delivers groundbreaking instantaneous feedback that is based on a scientific approach of breaking cycles within motor learning and propelling golfers to improve faster.

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Quickest way to break bad habits and improve. In a week, added an average 15 yards to my drives by increasing my backswing length. Jason Y.


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