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Meet deWiz. Your On-The-Wrist AI Swing Analyzer

Put it on your wrist, take a swing and receive direct feedback on 14 actionable swing metrics & an interactive 3D model.

  • With deWiz there's no guesswork

    "The data is captured in real time so you can see exactly what went wrong and how it affected your contact and ball flight."

  • deWiz is simply amazing

    "deWiz puts feel and real together. It gives you the right info that you wouldn't get anywhere else."

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    "Highly effective tool that allows golfers to feel what they are doing in their swing and get real-time feedback."

  • A cutting-edge product

    "deWiz will track a variety of advanced metrics, such as length, time and direction of backswing in 3D."

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Track 14 swing metrics. Instant feedback

Go from calibration to swing analysis in a matter of seconds. From practice swings in your office to the tee shot on the 18th hole, deWiz provides personalized insights and actionable data on a variety of swing metrics to help golfers improve their game.

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One device for every part of your game

Fix your slice

deWiz Transition is a distance measurement between the backswing and downswing hand path planes. A positive (+) measurement indicates the downswing plane starts above the backswing plane, and conversely, a negative measurement (-) shows the downswing dropping below the backswing.

Most high-level players maintain a neutral transition (+/- 1 in), whereas players that struggle with big left and right misses tend to have more positive Transition measurements leading to less control of the club face.

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Add distance

Every golfer - whether a beginner, or Major Champion - is chasing distance. In order to add distance, we need to increase our clubhead speed. deWiz data shows two key metrics that have a direct impact on clubhead speed: Length of Backswing, and the time it takes to complete the swing.

deWiz provides instant feedback on these metrics and allows you to track your progress over time. You can even measure yourself against some of the longest hitters in golf!

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Improve your short game

Wedge play all comes down to distance control. Taking advantage of scoring opportunities is the key for golfers to begin to shoot lower scores.

deWiz offers a dedicated “DistWedges Mode” using the Length of Backswing measurement to help golfers dial in those shots that require partial swings. Remember: the length of the shot is determined by the length of the swing!

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Developed by experts. Trusted by pros

deWiz is the result of over 50,000 hours of research between golf industry professionals and neuroscientists. Since our market inception in 2021, we’ve been consistently adding new features and upgrades. As a deWiz member, you received all of these enhancements free of charge, without the need to consistently purchase a new version of the device.

  • Personalized Insights with AI coaching

    Pinpoint the key swing differences that lead to mishits in order to better tailor your practice where it matters most.

  • On-Course analysis like never before

    deWiz Session Explorer allows you to map out every swing from a round of golf and compare the swing metrics for those perfect tee shots and the ones that went off line.

  • Vijay Singh

    3-time Major Champion

    "I love this product. deWiz is a perfect practice tool for me."

  • Henrik Stenson

    2016 Open Champion

    "With deWiz™ I can stop guessing. It’s instant feedback in a revolutionary form."

  • Annika Sörenstam

    10-Time Major Champion

    "deWiz™ is even better than I imagined. It makes practice fun."

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