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The key to more consistency is a repeatable golf swing. deWiz is a lightweight wearable technology that analyzes each of your swings in real-time to give you accurate swing data like never before.

Want to accelerate your improvement? Turn on the groundbreaking Learning Stimuli™ - exclusively available with deWiz to make lasting changes to fix your swing.


A power generator, slice buster & precision optimizer – all-in-one.

Using deWiz’s swing data, you can optimize your swing to add length, hit more fairways, and dial in wedges. Unlike other technology that focuses on output data with impact metrics and ball flight, deWiz delivers groundbreaking data of your actual swing, which helps you more consistently hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer.


Trusted by 5 Major Champions... and counting

Our team of pro golf ambassadors have helped guide the development, ensuring that every function has been tested and refined by the best in the game.










Get Started

Using deWiz is simple

Put on your wristband

Connect the app

Start swinging

improve faster with dewiz learning stimuli

Training with deWiz is an interactive experience that offers real-time feedback on your golf swing. Set your desired min-max values for specific data points, and deWiz will provide real-time feedback to help you stay within your optimal range.

Our patented Learning Stimuli technology accelerates your progress, sending a subtle sting to signal when your swing deviates from the ideal min-max values. Your brain will quickly adapt, modifying your swing to find new pathways to achieve your perfect swing.

Research & Development

deWiz is the result of more than 50 000 hours of research, testing, and development. Our technology is based on research in motor learning, which is the neuroscience of how to permanently change a person’s ability to perform a motor skill.

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