Adding more distance

    To hit the ball longer, you need to increase your club head speed at impact. There are two primary ways to add more speed and hit the ball longer:

      Lengthen Your Backswing
      Decrease Your Start-To-Impact Time

      By accurately measuring these deWiz data points and having an understanding of your tendencies, you can begin to see your baselines and work towards improving upon these numbers, in order to add distance.

      Knowing your numbers is the deWiz competitive edge. Read below on how deWiz can accelerate your improvement.

Step 1

Learn Your numbers

    Without deWiz, golfers have no reference for what their Length of Backswing is. This is what makes deWiz unique, it gives you your swing data like nothing else.

    Go to Length of Backswing mode under Practice & Learn
    Take approximately 5 full swings
    Pay attention to the measurement of your backswing.

    Now you know the base numbers for your full swing and you can start deliberate practice without the guesswork.
step 2

Deliberate practice

Once you understand your typical Length of Backswing distance you can start deliberate practice.

Take 10 more swings where you try to extend your length of backswing 2-4 inches/5-10 cm to hit the ball further
Take 5 more swings where you try to extend your length of backswing as much as you can while maintaining control

You can now set your practice goals to push farther and extend your length of backswing, and see your numbers instantenously.

It's time to turn on the Learning Stimuli
step 3

Learn Faster

The golf swing is a complex motor skill that is hard-wired in your brain stem, making it extremely difficult to change as you're trying to break old motor patterns that are programmed in your brain.

To optimize your practice deWiz has developed the patented Learning Stimuli. Grounded in neuroscience and over six years of research it is developed to give a slight electric pulse directly to your brain when you are breaking the parameters you want to change, to faster let your brain re-wire old motor skills.

How to use Learning Stimuli to extend your backswing
Set your desired minimum backswing length
Set the Maximum Distance to Off.
Enable the Learning Stimuli

Every time you make a swing that is shorter than the minimum distance you have set deWiz will send a slight impulse. This will help re-wire your motor skills faster as the direct feedback occurs instantenously.

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