Hit it Straighter

    To hit the ball straighter, you need to align your swing direction with your target. Within deWiz, the Transition mode will provide critical swing data to better understand your swing path. deWiz’s Transition measures how far over-the-top or under-the-top your downswing is, compared to your backswing plane.

      Measure Your transition to eliminate your slice or hook
      Instead of guessing, know how far over or under the top you are

      By measuring your deWiz Transition and understanding your tendencies, you can work towards minimizing your over-the-top or under-the-top swing path, making your swing direction more on plane for straighter flights.

Step 1 - Learn your numbers

How to cure a slice

    The fundamental problem with a slice is you impact the ball from the outside or out-to-in. The underlying reason is your swing direction is left and this is where deWiz can deliver a cure for your slice.

    Take approximately 5 full swings in the Transition mode under Practice & Learn within the deWiz app
    Pay attention to your Transition measurement. This measurement is likely a positive figure.
Step 2 - Start improving

How to cure a Slice

    Once you understand your typical Transition measurement, try to cut that figure in half. For example, if you are typically coming 4 in/10 cm over-the-top, try to swing with a maximum of 2 in/5 cm over-the-top or closer to on plane.

    Continue taking swings, trying to stay within your Transition threshold and observing the ball path.
    When you experience a good swing and straighter ball flight, click the button in the middle of the face of your deWiz (behind logo) to record that swing as a favourite.
    Later you can analyze your “Favourite” swings to refine your understanding of your optimal swing.
Step 3 - Enable learning stimuli

How to cure a slice

    By delivering real-time feedback, your brain is able to efficiently adjust your standard full swing, which is scripted as part of the neuroscience of motor learning.

    Turn on the Learning Stimuli and set the Over-The-Top Margin under Practice Goals to your desired measurement.
    Set the Under-The-Top Margin to Off.
    Now you are ready to benefit from deWiz’s Learning Stimuli.
    If you break the Over-the-Top Margin, deWiz will deliver a slight electric pulse, alerting you of where your downswing went too far.

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