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deWiz AI Swing Analyzer

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hit it closer with dewiz distwedges

To optimize the precision of your wedge game, you need to rely on exact measurements of you partial backswings and not just feel.

Dial in your wedges

With deWiz, you can accurately measure your backswing length - minimizing reliance on feel for what is your half, ¾, 90% or clock-system backswing length and instead, having precise measurements to practice towards.

By accurately measuring your different partial swings’ length of backswings, which we refer to as Gears, you can benchmark and work towards consistently dialling in these swings. Your length of backswing is directly related to carry distance, so a certain Gear consistently delivers a precise carry distance.

Knowing your numbers is another deWiz competitive edge, because feel is not real when it comes to the golf swing.

3 steps for hitting more greens

Get started with distwedges

Go to the DistWedges Mode under Practice and Learn, click Practice Goals and Edit Gears. There you will find the Gears Guide.

- Start the Gear Guide, which will have you take three full swings.
- Once back to the DistWedges Settings, adjust the Tolerance Dial to your preferred setting. A tolerance of 2 in/5 cm is recommended.
- Set DistWedges to either Manual or Shuffle and begin to practice.

Quickly you will have a new understanding for your different Lengths of Backswings.

Improve faster with stimuli

Use the deWiz patented Learning Stimuli to accelerate your learning and hit more greens.

‎Here is how:

Enable the Learning Stimuli.

Set DistWedges to either Manual or Shuffle and start your practice.

If you go outside the tolerance set, deWiz will deliver an electric pulse - alerting your brain if your backswing was off. When your swing is within the tolerance of your goal, you will hear a positive tone.

Compete with deWiz Distwedges challenge

The deWiz DistWedges Challenge is a fun and effective addition to your practice routine. The Challenge will score your effort of hitting 10 randomly delivered partial backswing lengths. The closer you are to the target length, the higher the score. Compete to set your personal best, beat your friends, or simply have some fun.


Go in depth with cofounder Markus Westerberg on how to hit it closer using deWiz. Markus will dive deep on how to set your parameters to optimize your deWiz experience.


Our deWiz Data Science Team has tracked millions of swings and and consistently see the linear relationship between golfers’ length of backswing and their carry distance. 

As this chart shows two different golfer’s track comparing their length of backswing and carry distance with a wedge. The only real variance is the range of scatter for a low handicap golfer vs a high handicap golfer, which is attributed to the ability of the low handicap golfer to more consistently make good contact.

This technology accelerates game improvement for me. I had been a mid handicap golfer when I was playing regularly. For many reasons I hadn’t played for 16 years. Now at 71 I started playing again and the deWiz has given me the data I needed to fairly rapidly progress back to my previous level and I believe it will enable me to further improve. Robert S.


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Hit it closer

How U.S. Women’s Open champ Yuka Saso dials in her wedges with the help of deWiz

"Last year en-route to victory, the wider world of golf fans and coaches fell in love with Saso’s golf swing. But Yuka knows that if she wants to lift the trophy again, it won’t just predicate on her success with full shots. It’ll require precision with her wedges, too — an area of her game she says she’s struggled with.

But it’s getting better thanks in large part to a training aid called the deWiz."


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Hit it closer

Watch deWiz Co-Founder Markus perform the DistWedges™ Challenge

In our latest "Know Your Numbers" webinar, deWiz™ Golf co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Markus Westerberg, demonstrated how to perform the DistWedges™ Challenge, which can be found within the deWiz™ mobile application.

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Hit it closer

See how David Maxfield uses deWiz for his wedges

Watch how David Maxfield Golf uses deWiz to dial in his 65 cm Length of Backswing to Hit It Closer.

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