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"Know your numbers! I’m a happy golf amateur and I started playing golf just about a year ago. But with deWiz I’ve now been able to lengthen my drive by more than 15 m after only two sessions with deWiz. Using the 'length of backswing' feature made me realize I need to lengthen my backswing to get a longer drive. I look forward to continue using deWiz to become the best golfer I can be!”
Sylvia S.
deWiz user
"By knowing my numbers I have been able to experiment with my swing and make measurable changes. I competed in my first PGA TOUR tournament since using deWiz and the added confidence and clarity in my swing led me to my first Top 10."
Harry Hall
Pro Golfer
"I just love deWiz! For three years I've been trying to improve without success. But after just two months with deWiz, I have modified my swing to consistently achieve what I was working so hard to learn. And when any past swing flaws reappear, I can see and feel this in real-time and correct them without any guesswork."
Pernilla B.
deWiz user

what the media says

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