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Perfecting your tempo

We're all looking for the "ideal tempo" and everyone has heard of the 3:1 ratio. But, how do we achieve this? Try this simple mental exercise to perfect your tempo!

"one... and... two!"

The 3:1 ratio has long been considered to be the "ideal tempo". This means that the backswing should be *about* three times longer than the downswing. So, if your backswing time is .75 seconds, the downswing should be .25 seconds.

The good news is with deWiz, you're receiving five different tempo measurements on every swing to help find that 3:1 ratio!

In this drill, Feargus shows us how a simple count and your help can help the timing of the golf. "One... and... TWO!" You want to draw out the "one" count a little, at the "and" you're transitioning and "two" should come at impact. Try this when you're practicing and see what happens to your tempo numbers!