Breaking 80 Tips - Understanding Course Management from 100 Yards

Breaking 80 Tips - Understanding Course Management from 100 Yards

Whether you're trying to break 100 for the first time or trying to break par for the first time, we can all lower our scores by improving with our wedges i.e. "Scoring Clubs". Here are 3 tips to help you break 80 by improving your scoring clubs.

1. Course management

So what do we mean when I say course management? It's really about figuring out where you "Can't Miss". For example, say we've got exactly 100 yards to the flag. Anything towards the right side might bounce into the bunkers, or you could land straight in them.

So, going left of the flag is definitely part of your course management here. There's no danger in hitting the ball 25-30 feet left of the flag and securing a par. If the putt drops, it drops. If it doesn't, you've safely got yourself a par.

2. Knowing your numbers

With deWiz Length of Backswing you can map out your yardages to your Length of Backswing and know the exact carry for your for example 45-inch Length of Backswing. If you know that you have a 100 yard wedge shot to land it safe on the green. Swing your 45-inch Length of Backswing with your sand wedge and take the trouble out of play.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice

Practice your Length of Backswing on the range or at home and you will become confident in your scoring clubs. Knowing exactly what type of shot you need for that 160 yard approach shot or that 40 yard chip-shot is crucial for keeping the ball in play and shooting par.


The first step in lowering scores is improving your play from 120 yards and in. Using deWiz to help master various swing lengths with your wedges goes a long way in achieving this!

But, it also comes down to strategy with these scoring clubs. Whatever scoring mark you may be trying to break for the first time, the key is always to try and eliminate double-bogeys (or worse) rather than making birdies.

This means identifying where the trouble is, understanding where you "can't miss" and choosing your target, club and Length of Backswing that will minimize the chance of reaching that trouble.

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