deWiz Data - Initial Downswing Direction

deWiz Data - Initial Downswing Direction

Initial downswing direction (iddx/iddy)

The unique Initial Downswing Direction data points provide precise insight into how your hands begin the downswing from the transition point.

Initial Downswing Direction (IDDx)

Measured 4 inches from turn on the Down the Line view, IDDx illustrates the horizontal movement of the hands. The IDDx and Transition measurements differ from each other because while the Transition data point is a distance comparison between the backswing and downswing planes, the IDDx is not affected by the backswing plane and only indicates how the hands start the downswing.

Your general target range for the IDDx is between +5° and +15°. Golfers with significantly positive Transition numbers (> 4 in/10 cm) will find that their IDDx will also be higher.

Initial downswing direction (Iddy)

The IDDy is a measurement to illustrate the amount of width created in the downswing. It is best viewed from the Face On angle and is also measured 6 inches into the downswing.

Most longer hitters are able to create significant depth in the downswing, and an ideal value here is in the +30° to +40° range.

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