deWiz Data - Max Backswing Width

deWiz Data - Max Backswing Width

Everything you need to know regarding the deWiz Max Backswing Width measurement!

What is deWiz Max backswing width?

The Max Backswing Width is a pretty straightforward measurement. deWiz is measuring the horizontal distance from address point to the widest point of the backswing.

Generally, the widest point of the backswing will occur when the lead arm reaches parallel to the ground.

Compare your numbers

deWiz Data averages for Maximum Backswing Width data point.

Use this chart to see how your Max Backswing Width compares to others in your skill range as well as some of our professional ambassadors! These numbers are averages based on millions of swings we've collected from our user base.

A wider backswing is generally associated with more power in the golf swing. However, too much width can generally be caused be excessive "sway" at takeaway.

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