deWiz Data - Max Hand Speed + Distance to Impact

deWiz Data - Max Hand Speed + Distance to Impact

The deWiz Distance to Impact measurement is one of the most important - yet, at times, misunderstood - measurements provided by deWiz. Learn more below about these measurements and how to improve them!

Understanding Max Hand Speed and Distance to Impact

Along with the "hand speed curve" underneath of the avatar that allows you to see your hand speed at every point of the swing, deWiz provides specific measurements for the Max Hand Speed (the fastest point your hands are moving in the downswing) and Distance to Impact (where that MHS point occurs relative to impact of the ball).

Professionals generally have hand speed in the 19-21 mph range, occurring between 17 and 20 inches from impact. While it may seem counterintuitive, the hands should be slowing down coming through impact, allowing the club head to accelerate.

The "Ideal" Hand Speed Curve

Everyone in golf is always talking creating "lag". Lag in the golf swing refers to the angle formed between the lead arm and club shaft during the downswing. Now, using the deWiz Hand Speed curve and Max Hand Speed measurements, we have a way to measure this!

When looking at the Hand Speed curve, you're looking for a steep increase in speed from turn to about the 3/4 point of the downswing. From that Max Hand Speed point, you want to see a sharp decrease leading into impact. The more decrease in hand speed created from MHS to impact, the more club head speed that is produced.

The Wall Drill is a great way to work on this indoors! The concept here is to work on starting the downswing using your lower body in order to create more lag. The added bonus of deWiz is being able to do this drill without needing to hit a ball and see the decrease in hand speed from MAX to Impact!

Stop Flipping!

The "flip" in the golf swing is a common swing fault for a lot of everyday golfers. If you notice that your Max Hand Speed is occurring too close to impact, you're losing out on speed, efficiency and club face control.

The Drill: Place a golf ball underneath of your lead foot when practicing. When you take your swing, focus on pushing that ball down into the ground in your downswing. Doing this will allow you to move weight to your lead side and allow the hands to free earlier in the swing!

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