How to Shallow the Club

How to Shallow the Club

Markus shares a simple drill and feeling that can help you shallow the club in transition!

"Feel like your laying the club down."

The deWiz Steepening/Shallowing measurement is one of the most impactful data points provided by deWiz, but also quite difficult to accomplish for the average golfer.

‎The measurement itself is taken by looking at the rotation of the lead wrist through transition. A positive value indicates a steepening of the club, and a negative measurement indicates shallowing. Our data shows that the majority of professionals and high-level amateurs will experience between 1-3° of shallowing - as measured from the deWiz.

The Drill: As is the case with making any swing changes, the best way to start is by really exaggerating the move. By taking the club back on a steeper trajectory, your hands and body can work to then feel like you're laying the club down through transition. Practice this without a ball - or even without a club - to develop the muscle memory!

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