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Frequently Asked Questions


Read below for everything that you need to know about the deWiz On-Course Mode!

How to start on-course mode?

Before starting your round, power ON and calibrate your deWiz as you normally would and select On-Course Mode. Here you can enter a name for the On-Course Session and then hit "Start Recording".

Once you begin the recording, you can start your round and begin tracking your swings!

What does "Stealth Mode" mean?

If you have been a previous deWiz user, you're probably familiar with the "Ready for Swing" signal that you receive in order to have a swing recorded.

It's critical to remember that once you enter into the On-Course Mode, the deWiz device itself, as well as the app, will NOT provide the typical "Ready for Swing" alerts that you are accustomed to seeing.

While the process and procedures needed to record a swing in On-Course Mode are exactly the same as in the other deWiz practice modes (i.e. having your hands still at address for a half second), there will be no green light on the device, and the app will not produce a tone.

Do I need to enter the swing information after each shot?

The simple answer is: No!

While many golfers during a typical round will have the ability to reach their phone and quickly input the swing information following each shot, those playing in tournaments where phones aren't accessible may not have the same luxury. Regardless of whether you enter the swing information in real-time or not, you will always be able to pull up each individual swing and enter the details after exiting the On-Course Mode!

How do I access my swings?

When your round is over, click the "X" in the corner of the On-Course Mode screen and you will be prompted to CLICK the center button of the deWiz unit to officially exit the On-Course Mode.

Once you have exited the On-Course Mode, the deWiz app will then process the OCM session and generate insights from the information entered during the round. You can also click the "Show Swings" button to pull up every swing recorded throughout the round. If you were unable to enter the swing details during the round, you can do this by pulling up the swings and entering all of the information there and the Insights will generate afterwards.

other questions and comments

- In order for users to more easily review the swing history, practice swings are NOT recorded in OCM. Additionally, putts and shorter chip shots (shorter than 15 inch backswing) will not be registered

- The "Favorite" function works the same in OCM as in other practice modes. You can "Favorite" swing by clicking the center button of the deWiz unit following a swing or in the app.

- If your deWiz unit and phone disconnect from Bluetooth range and take a swing, the shot will be recorded internally to the unit and upload when you reconnect to Bluetooth!