Discovery Mode

Discovery Mode

The best way to get started with deWiz is by starting in Discovery mode. Here, you won’t receive any Learning Stimuli feedback, but it will allow you to get a baseline for your swing and you will receive generated Insights to help tailor your future practice.

Using Discovery Insights to Identify Inconsistencies

As a new deWiz user, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed at first trying to figure out where to start with all of the data. With deWiz Insights in Discovery, it's never been easier to begin identifying your swing faults and focus your future practice!

In Discovery Mode, select the golf bag icon on the left side of the screen and choose the club you're using. Take 10-15 swings, and simply enter the shot result of each swing. When you exit the session, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the key differences in your good and bad swings in order to pinpoint where your biggest inconsistencies lie!

deWiz Tips: In order to generate a solid baseline, perform these Insights (at minimum) with a wedge, short iron, mid/long iron and driver.

Customizing Your Discovery Session

In addition to having the option to input your club selection, there are a few other options for the user to personalize the app interface.

Here are a few helpful tips to get the most out of your deWiz Discovery Sessions:

1. Choose the dropdown in the top left corner to change the view of the avatar (Down the Line, Face On and Target View).

2. Following a swing that you want to save as a “Favorite”, simply CLICK the center button of your deWiz to automatically star that previous swing.

3. Select the “List” icon to the left the "Star" to CLICK and DRAG the individual data points to rearrange your data sheet. The data point listed first will be the audio feedback you receive following each swing.

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