Improve Your Backswing with the Split Hand Drill

Improve Your Backswing with the Split Hand Drill

Do you struggle with getting into position with your backswing? Maybe you're too steep? Too flat? This drill is for you!

Where hockey meets golf!

Ever wonder why so many hockey players are able to transition to golf more seamlessly than other athletes?

Unlike a baseball swing, the fundamentals of a slap shot in hockey translate very well to a golf swing - particularly when it comes to the backswing. If you struggle with too steep of a backswing (> 80°) or too flat (> 60°), try taking some practice swings with the club gripped like a hockey stick.

When the hands are separated, you'll have less wrist action, allowing to take the club back on a more consistent plane. Take a few practice swings and take note of the deWiz Backswing Plane number, and then try to replicate it with your normal grip!

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