Improving Your Attack Angle

Improving Your Attack Angle

Struggling to compress your irons the way you want? Using the deWiz avatar and hand path trace lines can help to improve your attack angle and get more consistency out of your irons!

"the hands move up, so the club moves down."

Using the hand path trace lines from the deWiz avatar can help improve your attack angle.

Did you know that you can use the trace lines - presenting the golfer's hand path - from the deWiz avatar to improve your attack angle?

To get that compression in your irons that everyone is looking for, you need a negative attack angle (i.e. hitting down on the ball).

In looking at the deWiz trace lines of high-level players, the best players have their hands moving upwards and inwards (towards the body) through impact. Pay attention to the trace lines and get more consistency with your irons!

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