Step-by-Step Guide for DistWedge Practice

Step-by-Step Guide for DistWedge Practice

Complete Guide to DistWedges Practice

Join deWiz Head of US Operations, Matt Lawrence, as he takes you step-by-step what a typical practice session with deWiz DistWedges looks like!

The Length of the Swing Determines the Length of the Shot

For the majority of golfers, one of the quickest ways to shoot lower scores is to improve your wedge play.

Whether you are at the driving range, an indoor facility or just hitting balls at home into a net, this 15-minute DistWedges practice will immediately improve your distance control!

STEP 1: Take 3 full swings with a gap wedge in Discovery Mode and determine your full wedge Length of Backswing.

STEP 2: Go into Practice & Learn and Practice Your DistWedges. Click "Practice Goals" and set up your gears with 8-inch (20 cm) increments beginning first with the Length of Backswing found in Step 1.

STEP 3: Set the DistWedges practice to "Manual" and start with gear 1 (the shortest Length of Backswing). Activate the Learning Stimuli and proceed to practice each gear until you successfully complete 5 in a row.

STEP 4: After working through each of your swing gears, go back and change the DistWedges to "Shuffle", and now the app will randomly assign you different backswing lengths.

Tip: Start with a wide tolerance between 2-3 inches (5-6 cm). Always keep your gears the same, but begin to tighten the tolerance level over time to master your different swing lengths!

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