Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Your Slice

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Your Slice

Turning the SLICE into a DRAW

At its very core, deWiz was created as tool to help golfers that struggle with slicing the golf fix their Over-the-Top Transition

Using the deWiz Transition measurement, along with the Learning Stimuli, you can begin to train your hands to move in a different direction in order to turn a dreaded slice into the coveted draw!

STEP 1: Take 3 swings and find your baseline Transition measurement.

STEP 2: Go into Practice & Learn and Practice Your Transition. Set your "Over-the-Top" limit between 4-5 inches (8-10 cm) lower than your baseline. You'll start by taking very exaggerated swings without a golf club, to begin working the hands in the opposite direction. Once you're able to reach this threshold without a club, grab the club and take practice swings without a ball!

STEP 3: We'll now begin to incorporate the golf ball. Adjust your MAXIMUM "Over-the-Top" limit now to be 2 inches (5cm) lower than the baseline found in Step 1.

STEP 4: Follow the drills referenced by ‎‎Markus in the video to really help in creating the inside-out swing!

Tip: This process will likely take multiple practice sessions and - like any swing changes - will not always produce immediate results. If you're struggling to reach the desired Transition measurements, revert back to practice swings!

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