Tempo Drills with Ian Clark

Tempo Drills with Ian Clark

Lessons from pros

Ian Clark is one of the UK's top coaches and was one of the early adopters of deWiz. Below he shares a few of his favorite tips and drills using deWiz.

No More "Low and Slow"

As we have seen - not only in our data, but in our conversations with coaches and teaching professionals - it's critically important to create speed in the backswing.

At his academy in London, Ian has been using deWiz with his students for the last two years. One of the first things he does when working with a new student is measure their backswing duration and work to get it under one second.

Here he shares two of his favorite tips to create a faster backswing!

"Practice Without feedback is just exercise."

In terms of coaches that work with deWiz, there may not be anyone that has logged the number of swings and sessions as Ian and his students!

We caught up with him to discuss using deWiz in lessons, the benefits it provides to not only him but the golfers at his academy and some of his favorite tips and use cases.

Golfers in the London area can learn more about the Ian Clark Golf Academy HERE.

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