Annika Sörenstam on the the KEY to Becoming a BETTER Golfer

Annika Sörenstam on the the KEY to Becoming a BETTER Golfer

Hear from the greatest women's golfer of all-time on the one thing she thinks helped shape her success over the course of her career.

"it's all about consistency."

deWiz: Its not only for Pro golfers

Annika believes that deWiz is not just a tool for professionals; it's beneficial for golfers at all levels. The data provided by deWiz offers insights into aspects of your game that you might not see or feel. This instant feedback is invaluable, whether you’re working on your swing tempo, the length of your backswing, or your transition.

Personal Benchmarks Over Pro Comparisons

A critical piece of advice from Annika is to focus on comparing your performance to your past performances rather than to others. Many golfers make the mistake of comparing their swings to those of top players like Henrik Stenson. However, Annika emphasizes that the key is to use deWiz to track your own progress and maintain a consistent pattern across your set of clubs. This personal benchmarking is essential for building confidence and improving your game.

The Power of Consistency

For Annika, consistency is the cornerstone of great golf, particularly in tournament settings. This includes consistent tempo, reliable swings, and a disciplined routine. While some might view this approach as unexciting, it is this focus on consistency—hitting fairways and greens—that builds confidence and leads to success.

Confidence Through Routine

Confidence on the golf course is crucial. Annika explains that there is no better feeling than standing over the ball with confidence in your ability. Establishing and adhering to a warm-up routine is a significant part of this confidence-building process. This routine helps find and maintain the ideal tempo for the day, setting a solid foundation for consistent play.

Mental Resilience and Routine

Annika highlights the mental aspect of golf, noting that routines are vital for managing pressure. By repeating the same patterns, golfers can better handle the pressure of the first tee, the final putt, or any critical moment. Focusing on the process rather than the outcome helps you stay present and focused on each shot.

Practical Tips from Annika

  • Practice with Purpose: Use deWiz on the range to refine your tempo, transition, and overall swing mechanics.
  • Develop a Routine: Establish a consistent warm-up routine to find your tempo and mentally prepare for the round.
  • Focus on Self-Comparison: Use the data from deWiz to compare your current performance with your past performances, rather than comparing yourself to other golfers.
  • Build Confidence: Trust the data and your routine to build confidence, making you more resilient under pressure.


Annika Sörenstam’s success in golf boils down to one simple yet powerful concept: consistency. By integrating deWiz into your practice routine, focusing on personal benchmarks, and building confidence through consistent routines, you can elevate your game.

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