Deep Dive into Hand Speed with Scott Cowx

Deep Dive into Hand Speed with Scott Cowx

Lessons from pros

A deep dive into angular vs. linear velocity in the golf swing with former Canadian PGA Coach of the Year, Scott Cowx.

Identifying where maximum hand speed should occur

There are few coaches out there that understand the technicalities of the golf swing more than Scott Cowx. His two-part deWiz series is for the real golf junkies looking to dive into the concepts of linear and angular work.

We know that better players and longer hitters produce maximum hand speed further from impact, but what is the reason for this? How can we work on it? And what happens if that maximum hand speed occurs TOO FAR from impact?

Scott answers all of those questions in Part 1 of his video series!

what does it mean to "cut out" hand speed?

For more advanced golfers, there's much more to look at in the deWiz hand speed data than what immediately meets the eye.

When looking at the hand speed curve underneath of the avatar, a big thing to look for is not only the Maximum Hand Speed, but also the difference in hand speed from the maximum point to impact.

What Scott shows us and what we have found in our own studies is that the longest hitters will see a larger decrease in hand speed from the max point to impact than the average golfer.

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