It's like having a high-tech swing studio on your wrist

The key to more consistency is a repeatable golf swing. deWiz is lightweight and analyzes each of your swings in real-time to give you accurate swing data like never before.

To accelerate your rate of improvement turn on the patented Learning Stimuli to speed up your motor learning.
Hit it Longer

Add more distance

    Want to hit the ball longer? Adding distance to your shots is all about increasing clubhead speed at impact. Our research has shown that the two most important aspects of your swing that increase clubhead speed are:

      Lengthening Your Backswing
      Shorten Your Start-To-Impact Time

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Hit it straighter

Eliminate a slice or hook

    Most slices are caused by an over-the-top motion on the downswing. By measuring your transition with deWiz you can identify your swing path. Then use your swing data to groove your optimal swing path and eliminate your slice or hook.

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Hit it closer

Accuracy: Feel is not real

    The secret to dialing in your wedge shots is controlling your partial backswing lengths.

    With deWiz you can measure the exact length of your backswing down to tenths of inches/centimeters. This takes the guesswork out of those partial wedge shots - bringing real to feel.

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The different modes

Get to know your numbers behind your swing

This mode will familiarize you with your deWiz numbers and analyze your golf swing.
Practice & learn

Choose which aspect of your swing to improve, and let the Learning Stimuli optimize your practice session.

Put your swing to the test, score points, play against your friends.

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