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deWiz Golf Swing Modifier

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April 02, 2023 By Philip L.

'In my 60s I have been an active club golfer for years
A medical professional, time poor for golf, have been happy to practice for an hour or two when not able to play 18 holes

Handicap has been mid to low teens for years, happy to break 90, dreaming of breaking 80 consistently.

Left handed with weak slice leading to missed greens has been a consistent fault spoiling many half decent rounds

Discovered Zepp device 5 years ago. This device helped during Covid when this part of Australia saw golf banned at times, severely restricted at others. Thousands of swings in backyard without a ball reduced “over the top” swings markedly, but back on course my slice was not totally cured so mid 80s was still my norm

Learnt of De Wiz device mid 2022 and with first use in July realised transition was poor: numbers positive usually 10 to 12 cms

Using this device working to ensure transition is closer to zero when hitting balls (negative with practice swings) over the last 6 months has led to improved ball striking and more greens hit in regulation. I have broken 80 three times in the last month in club competition rounds

I am far from club champion or pennant player standard, but confidence gained from De Wiz device has been well worth the investment

There is a lot of technical stuff I do not understand, but focussing on tempo and maintaining transition close to zero (or less) when practising has given demonstrable results in a few month of regular use and enhanced my joy of this crazy game.