deWiz Data - Length of Backswing

deWiz Data - Length of Backswing

Everything you need to know regarding the deWiz Length of Backswing measurement including data averages, tips and drills!

Understanding deWiz length of backswing

The Length of Backswing is a distance measurement of how far the lead wrist (device) travels from takeaway to turn. Backswing length is a critical component in creating club head speed and controlling distance with approach shots.

Work on lengthening, shortening or controlling your backswing length using the Length of Backswing Practice & Learn Mode.

Compare your numbers

deWiz Data averages for Length of Backswing data point.

Use this chart to see how your Length of Backswing compares to others in your skill range as well as some of our professional ambassadors! These numbers are averages based on millions of swings we've collected from our user base.

One main similarity we see is that the average backswing length tends to decrease as the club gets shorter.

Backswing length is also a product of various human factors including height and wing span. A 50 inch backswing for a player who is 5'10" is not going to be the same as a 6'3" player who produces the same backswing length.

Three Tips to Lengthen Your Swing

We hear from so many deWiz users that claim that they "can't swing the club any longer." Try these three easy tips and watch that Length of Backswing number increase!

1. Turn your head slightly towards your back foot. This minor adjustment allows for more rotation of the shoulders in the backswing.

2. Turn your back foot to a 45° angle. This will free the hips to again allow for more rotation.

3. Don't forget to ROTATE at the waist! Many players with shorter backswings will find that they can add a few inches to their backswing by simply rotating more with their hips.

Develop A "Go-To" Shot By Shortening Your Swing

There comes a time in every round where you step up to the tee and danger seems to be lurking everywhere. It's always important to have that "fairway finder" or "go-to" shot in your bag for these situations!

A shorter backswing will help to limit the dispersion of your shot shape and increase the likelihood of staying away from that trouble.

Work with your deWiz to develop this shot by taking a reliable club and practice taking swings 4-5 inches (10-13 cm) shorter than your standard Length of Backswing. Stay out of trouble and find those fairways!

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