deWiz Data - Tempo

deWiz Data - Tempo

Everything you need to know regarding the five tempo measurements provided by deWiz including data averages, tips and drills!

The five deWiz tempo measurements

Everything in the golf swings starts and ends with Tempo. With deWiz, you receive five different Tempo measurements to help groove your swing to where it needs to be. The Tempo Practice Mode also allows you to incorporate the Learning Stimuli to help reach your ideal tempo!

Backswing Duration
Downswing Duration
Start-to-Impact Duration
Tempo Ratio
Pause Duration

Compare your numbers

One of the clearest differences we see between professionals and amateurs in terms of tempo is the total Start-to-Impact time. Tour average for full swings is around one second, about .3 seconds quicker than the everyday golfer.

A faster Start-to-Impact time is an easy way to develop more speed and add distance. Most golfers will find that to do this, they'll want to work on taking the club back faster.

Your Tempo Ratio should be in the 3:1 range, with most professionals between 2.5:1 to 3:1.

Speed up the backswing!

Ian Clark, one of the UK's top teaching professionals, shared with us a few training exercises he performs with many of the students that come through the doors of his Academy.

An earlier adopter of deWiz, Ian has found great success with his students by measuring their Tempo with deWiz, and then working to develop a faster backswing. In some instances, his players have found more than 20 yards of distance simply by taking .1 seconds off their total Start-to-Impact time!

Taking practice swings with some form of a resistance club - whether it be a flag, weighted club, etc. - is a great tool to work on this.

Measure your tempo on the course

Major Champion Vijay Singh using deWiz at the PGA Champions Constellation Furyk & Friends Tournament in Florida.

In dissecting deWiz On-Course data of professional and amateur players, we see that even the best players have fairly significant variances in their on-course versus practice tempo numbers.

Typically, most golfers will find that their tempo becomes quicker when they are on the course. Additionally, a golfer's swing tends to get shorter on the course.

Be sure to take your deWiz out during a round of golf and see how your tempo varies from practice to "game" conditions!

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